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SEM Brand Showcased at Expo Maquinas 2017
Release time:2018-01-30

Yencisa Panama, SEM dealer in South America participated in the first Machinery expo in Panamá City, from Feb 8th to 10th.

Since 1980, The Panamanian Construction Chamber organized a yearly expo mainly focus on real estate. In 2016, major machinery dealers had created an association that is now focus on Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Supplies, Services etc.. For the first time, this association organized an expo that include both indoor and outdoor exhibitions.  

Yencisa Panama participated with infrastructure machines track-type tractor and motor grader. The track-type tractor attracted attention of customer especially because of the heavy duty design. This machine arrive to the expo being already sold to the Municipality of “Sambu” and will be the first machine delivered to customer in the Am-S region. Main job for the machine will be land cleaning in the middle of the Darien forest, which is the only natural barrier that divides South America from Central America.

Main objective of the expo is to show new machinery, including SEM products not only for the Panamanian market, but also the whole region, mainly because Panama is a well-known country as transition hub, where major airline stop on their way from north to south and vice versa.

SEM Track-type tractor

SEM Motor Grader