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MSP Tractors officially launches SEM wheel loaders into Myanmar
Release time:2018-01-30

On 23rd June 2017, MSP hosted a big customer event at Inya Lake Hotel, Yangon. The purpose of the event was to launch two things into the market: 1) their new Cat 320D2 GC bundle  2) SEM wheel loaders .

Around 150 customers attended the event. On display were SEM 639B (3t) and 656D (5t) wheel loaders, alongside Cat 320D2GC. The SEM wheel loaders attracted a lot of customer interest, and several MSP salesmen took the opportunity to give their customers a walk-around. 

While dinner was being served in the ballroom, dealer representatives took turn to present MSP’s value proposition and special offers in slick “Apple-like” fashion. Mr. Kyaw Htet (MSP Application Manager) took the SEM portion, and gave an overview of the SEM brand story plus key features and benefits of the 656D wheel loader. In line with their Cat 320D2 GC bundle, MSP is bundling 2 yrs/4,000 extended warranty and PL241 as standard, to further differentiate from the typical Chinese brands.

MSP will be following up on the numerous leads captured during the event, which will translate to sales over the next few months. 

After the rainy season passes, MSP plans to organize 2 more customer events in Yangon and Mandalay, which will include SEM.



“With Caterpillar DNA built-in, SEM products are of high-quality and a great fit for the Utility applications in Myanmar…”  -  Wojciech Kedziera, Chief Operating Officer , Myan Shwe Pyi Tractors Ltd.                                                                

“MSP has the best people in this industry, and will take SEM to #1 position among the Chinese brands within 3 years…” - John Sim, SEM Sales Manager, Caterpillar


The day before the event, AP SEM team co-delivered training for more than 30 MSP staff (Salesmen, PSSRs, Technicians, Branch Managers), along with Mr. Kyaw Htet.

Topics covered included SEM brand training, Product Support overview, key selling points of 639B & 656D WL, SEM TTT and MG overview. There was also machine walk-around of 656D vs Cat 950GC side-by-side comparison. 

Participants immediately put into practice what they just learned, in a role-play sales simulation. Where they were drilled on how to answer common objections and also how to translate machine features into customer benefits. 


 “It was great to see the high level of engagement from the entire MSP team… they picked things up very quickly”- T Manivannan, SEM Application Specialist, Caterpillar