Application & Product Usage



Concrete refers to the artificial stone made of cement as the main material. It is then mixed with water, sand, stone, chemical admixtures and mineral admixtures when necessary, matched in appropriate proportions, compacted and cured and hardened. SEM wheel loaders can be used for the transfer, mixing and cleaning of these materials.

SEM Product Usage

  • Feeding
  • Loading
  • Site Cleaning

SEM Product Advantage


Wheel Loader

  • The traction force of the whole machine is large and the bucket is easy to penetrate into materials, saving fuel consumption and improving productivity. 
  • The high performance (PS) bucket can be loaded with 10%-15% more materials and less spillage .
  • A shorter hydraulic cycle time which means more materials can be proceeded at the same time, leading to higher productivity.
  • As the work speed is faster, there is a shorter loading cycle time. 
  • The unique  Countershaft gearbox and heavy-duty  axle are reliable and durable, while  separated double-row bearing  block implies easy replacement and high reliability.
  • The drum-type shoe brake can automatically halt the machine when air pressure is too low. High brake force delivery high safety.

Applicable Model of SEM Products