SEM_Parts & Services_Repair OptionsSEM_Parts & Services_Repair Options

Repair Options

Repair Options are the aftermarket solution for customers, which are offered by SEM dealers.

Brand new parts, component exchange, overhaul and different repair levels, these are regarded as Repair Options.

Offer broad range of parts and Repair Options to customers. Those are easy to order with a wide coverage, which could help customers maximize the machine value.

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SEM_Parts & Services_Repair Options


“l want more than just new and like-new options. I want solutions that match my machine life and price point requirement”

SEM_Parts & Services_Repair Options


“I want someone to work with me to identify my specific repair needs, then help me understand what options are available to meet them”

SEM_Parts & Services_Repair Options


“I want to immediately be advised of price, availability of any alternate parts”

Provide More Service and Parts Solution to Maximize Customer Equipment Value

SEM_Parts & Services_Repair OptionsSEM_Parts & Services_Repair Options
SEM_Parts & Services_Repair Options

Competitive- Broad range of parts solution


Market analysis and design offering

  • BUILD 

Repair options and dealer capability


The Optimal Solution for Each Segment

SEM_Parts & Services_Repair Options

Predict & plan - Timely quote and repair


Repair opportunity with inspection and lifecycle data

  • LEAN

Service process and excellent parts availability 


Customer with cos-effective solutions and timely response

SEM_Parts & Services_Repair Options

Differentiated – expert service and marketing


Customer Interaction through digital channels


With competitive solution and differentiated marketing 


With AM CSA customers

Advantages For Customers

  • Improved speed and convenience by being able to order and receive all at once the most common wear items needed to complete the repair job.
  • Protects and extends the life of major components by replacing inexpensive wear parts.
  • Allows you to schedule downtime, and plan for maintenance and repair costs.
SEM_Parts & Services_Repair Options

Repair Option Classification

Real Kit

It is an orderable and serviceable part number with a HTS code, all China and International customers can place order in DCP or Antares, this kit is much easier to own for customers, such as Seal kit

Paper Kit

Paper kit is not serviceable, but it is consisting of several individual service parts for repair/service. 

Dealer should order the sub-level service parts. Detailed sub-level service parts list can be viewed in DCP, such as Repair kit, PM kit, Mid-life repair kit, Overhaul repair kit.

More Repair Options are under development, if you have further questions, please contact your regional Aftermarket Service Representatives.